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Herein documents the musical misadventures I’ve enjoyed over the past 30+ years.  Got some video clips, free mp3 downloads, and more than a few vanity shots. You’ll find evidence of frivolity and bandmates ranging from Tennessee to Seattle, Missouri to Vegas, and from Virginia to Texas via a long stay in Alabama. Through it all I never quit the day job, made wonderful friends and more than a few great memories, and rode some excess energy to rehearse, scoop up some solid gear, customize a few guitars, and learn a valuable lesson here and there.  As expected, the life lessons would be lost here on everyday folks, but I can get the music out.

A click from up above will transfer you to a page that will feature

    ✯a brief write up of the cast of characters involved

    ✯songs from the studio and/or a gig

    ✯video clips of live performances

    ✯pics of bandmates

    ✯assorted memorabilia

    ✯free instructional video clip (see below)

I learned a long time ago not to take any of this for granted, so I hung onto a lot. Glad to have the chance to share now that there’s more gigs behind me than in front (so it seems.....).

Wanna know all the smart things you learn playin’ gigs? Get yer free instructional video here! You’ll need your basic quick time player (no sound, btw).



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